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21- Day Reverse Your Diabetes Challenge

Don't Just Stabilize...
...Here is Your Hope to REVERSE Your Type II Diabetes...

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In just 21 Days:  

  • Kick-start Your Health
  • Gain Energy
  • Increase Clarity and Focus
  • Take Control Of Your Life

5 Simple Components to the Program:

Rejuvenating Daily Dietary Plan: Let Food Be Your Medicine

You'll get delicious recipes for each breakfast, lunch and dinner for the 21 days. This meal plan fulfils and satiates both the physical and emotional body.

  • Adapted to Indian tastes and cooking styles: Dr. McDougall's Starch Diet which has helped thousands of people overcome diabetes Break bad eating and dietary habits.
  • Encourages conscious eating: don't fool yourself into thinking you're being "good" with your eating.

This dietary plan is 100% nutritional and can be followed for a lifetime.
It lacks nothing that your body and brain needs to function optimally.

Supplementary Herbal Formulas: Natural Herbs That Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels

We have sourced the best Natural Herbal Food Supplements that help you to stabilize and ultimately reverse your Type II Diabetes.

  • Most diabetics that have tried the herbal formulas feel a difference almost immediately and find they can reduce their medication and still have better control over their blood sugar levels.

Note: The Herbal Supplements we recommend are safe to take with other medication but it is best to check with your health care provider for any contra-indications.

Empowering Meditations: Use Your Powerful Mind Potential to Manifest Robust Health and Reduce Stress

Dr. Pillai has created 2 Powerful Meditation Techniques to strengthen both your Mind and your Body. These powerful mind processes need only be practiced in less than 30 minutes a day.

1. Build the strength to stay committed to healthy food choices. Will- power and commitment to a healthy life are needed to make the right choices as temptations are everywhere.

2. Have control over your body. Learn how to focus on the blood cells to reduce their glucose levels.

BONUS: 3 LIVE Sessions guided by a Dr. Pillai certified teacher, through Meditations AND a interactive Question & Answer period.

Specialized Yoga for Diabetic's Needs: Poses For Ultimate Health

Yoga stimulates yet calms the body and the mind. Yoga Master Biju will guide you through specific yoga asanas/poses that stimulate your body and calm your mind.

  • Improve your fasting glucose and cholesterol levels by stimulating your organs
  • Reduce stress (a major contributing factor to diabetes) and improve your circulation with correct breathing techniques

Biju's video instruction of yoga poses will be available through our 21 Day Challenge Community Portal.

Medical Support: You Are Not Alone

  • Consult with a Doctor
  • Keep track of your tests and chart your progress in your own personal online record folder